Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bobby Elvis, The Goat!

Morning all!
I have another goat to show you! Goats are one of my favourite things to I make. Mostly because I make them a bit more edgy than the rest of my softies. I can't make a sweet, innocent looking goat! Sheep? Yes! Goat? Noooo! They are way too cool! 
My most recent has a black leather vest (like the others do), leopard print horns, as well as a skull and leather necklace. He's quite the rebel. 
I named him Bobby Elvis after a character in Sons of Anarchy. I wanted to keep up with the rest of my goats named after 'Sons' characters. I've made two Prospects (you can see them here and here) and also a Piney (you can see him here). 
This guy's pretty tough on the outside but still kind of a teddy bear on the inside. 
Check out some pictures:

I had been saving that skull bead for a long time in hopes I would find the perfect softie to use it on. I think his necklace is the perfect place for it. If you are interested in Bobby Elvis, he'll be at Stitch 'n' Kitsch!

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